To type or not to type – That is the question

          In a posting on the educational blog Good entitled “Need to Boost Your Brainpower? Write–Don’t Type–This Down”  the author Rafi Schwartz,  discusses a recent study which concludes writing notes down by hand is more effective in certain cases than using a laptop.  He described a research project in which subjects … More To type or not to type – That is the question

Digital Divide

You can’t learn on the internet if you can’t get on the internet.  All of the articles and videos provide similar and disturbing statistics about the challenges faced by a significant portion of our students, overwhelmingly from low-income families, that do not have broad band access.  According to the Bridging the Digital Divide video, 30 … More Digital Divide

Survey Says – Digital Learning 24/7

I thought the Speak Up technology enhanced learning survey report was very informative, instructive and valuable to me as an educator.    This survey collected  “authentic, unfiltered stakeholder” polling data  from 431,231 K-12 students; 35,337 parents;  41,805 teachers; and more than 3800 district and school administrators.  The survey also included input from 6,653 community members … More Survey Says – Digital Learning 24/7

“Wired people should know something about wires.” Neal Stephenson

We log onto the internet constantly everyday.  We check our email, watch movies, send pictures, search for information, store and retrieve our documents, and communicate with people on the other side of the world as casually as if we were gossiping over the fence of our own backyard.  As we become more and more technologically … More “Wired people should know something about wires.” Neal Stephenson

I flipped for BAM radio network!

The BAM radio network is an incredible collection of podcasts by teachers and other education professionals that provide valuable resources, professional insight and useful tutorials.   The network organizes the podcasts into several different categories, such as differentiated learning, special education and common core standards.  There are also quick links to specialty networks, such as  … More I flipped for BAM radio network!

Says Who ?!!!

David White Video  Visitors and Residents, Part 2 – Credibility How does understanding how children use the Social Web prepare us for our instruction in the classroom? As David  White points out, the vast collection of data, resources and opinions on the web is an almost unfathomable tool.  Web searching  is so much easier  than … More Says Who ?!!!